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3 min readFeb 18, 2022

By JJ de la Torre, CEO at Raven

We are a global multicultural team
Juan José (J.J.) de la Torre

Meet JJ de la Torre, a global crafter of Business Disruption & Acceleration powered by Design and enabled by Technology. A world-class leader, a native disruptor, a business designer & digital evangelist.
At Raven, JJ is helping leading businesses around the world to design, build and execute disruptive business opportunities.
This is the story of his journey.

Almost three years ago, I moved back to my home country #Chile, to join Virtus Partners in an endeavor of starting Virtus’ digital practice, #VirtusDigital. Our aim was to support Chilean companies in their #digital #transformation journey with solid expertise on “make it happen”.

As we set to fulfill that goal, we quickly understood that the opportunity was not only providing a vision of the transformation path, but also taking a strong stand in executing it. We pivoted our value proposition several times and evolved it as our clients demanded. As a result, we have grown from an idea to having executed more than 40 projects, across 7 countries with clients of the like of Invex, Santander, Entel, Sabadell, Crediclub, Liverpool, CMPC, Melon, Cocha, among others, while consolidating our presence across 3 hubs (Mexico, Santiago, and Madrid).

Hub Santiago

Today, with my partners we start a new chapter of growth with the establishment of Raven as the way to capitalize on our learnings and create a platform that can further support our clients in their #evolution quests. Raven comes to the market with a single mission #designtobuild supporting our clients in their business disruption and acceleration paths across four areas of expertise: Business Design (Talia), Experience Factory (Kemeny), Growth & Analytics (Philippe), and Technology (Moreno).

Leadership team at Raven (from left to right) Talia Bravo, Francisco Kemeny, Philippe Duclos, JJ Moreno

We are a combination of real crafters from different areas of expertise (business, design, technology, analytics, and marketing) who take pride to claim that we make the impossible, possible powered by design and enabled by technology. Many companies preach something along these lines, but we are among the few that really deliver on it!

Welcome to Raven!

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We are global builders of disruption and business acceleration. We make the impossible, possible, powered by design and technology. #wedesigntobuild